Are we who we claim to be?

Allison BrckaLorenz Within the current regime of accountability and outcomes based-measurement, institutional mission statements have increased in prominence as guiding and defining documents. While the importance of institutional mission is acknowledged within the higher education community, there is a lack of empirical evidence investigating how missions are experienced. Recently, a study of over 8,000 students at 65 institutions that administered NSSE and over 1,300 faculty […]

High-Impact Practices and Personality- Are HIPs Biased for Certain Traits?

Angie Miller A recently presented poster at the Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum investigated whether certain personality traits are more or less common in students who participate in high-impact practices (HIPs). While there is research connecting the link between personality traits and academic achievement (Soric et al., 2017), as well as academic motivation (Komarraju et al., 2009), much less research focuses on how personality […]

Reshaping the narrative on faculty time and motivations

Reshaping the narrative on faculty time and motivations

Allison BrckaLorenz — Current trends of lower public investment in higher education and a greater emphasis on measurable outcomes from the college experience have led to calls for more transparency about what students are doing and learning while in college. Often lost in these discussions are the critical roles that faculty play in students’ learning and development. Most faculty time studies focus on research productivity. […]