Heading to Portland for ASHE? Be sure to check out these sessions by NSSE researchers and grad students on topics from faculty of color in STEM to quality in high-impact practices. Find the full schedule and session information in the conference program, website, or the ASHE Guidebook App.

Thursday, Nov. 14

  • Silberstein, S., Palmer, D., & Kinzie, J. Creating a lasting impact: Significant learning in student affairs. 2:15-3:30, Broadway I
  • Hiller, S., BrckaLorenz, A., Priddie, C., & Nelson Laird, T. Exploring interactions of race and discipline in teaching practices: Focusing on faculty of color in STEM. 2:15-3:30, Galleria I

Friday, Nov. 15

  • BrckaLorenz, A., Duran, A., Haeger, H. & Duenaz, U. Culturally engaging courses and campuses for LGBQ+ issues. 2:15-3:30, Galleria II
  • Dugan, B. Right-wing on campus: An examination of conservative student engagement and free speech. Broadway I
  • Hurtado, S., Fassett, K., & BrckaLorenz, A. Examining the relationship between living environments and sense of community: A multi-institution study. 2:15-3:30, Galleria I
  • Kinzie, J., McCormick, A., Dugan, B., Gonyea, R., & Silberstein, S. Getting beyond the label: What makes high-quality HIPs and who has access to them? 8:30-9:30 Ballroom II